Jasa packaging solutions

Jasa Packaging Solutions

  • innovative and smart packaging solutions
  • environmentally friendly through reduced plastic packing materials
  • from product infeed to weighing to (robotized) filling and closing the packaging
  • maintenance-friendly systems

Jasa Product Packaging

Potatos, Vegetables and Fruits

Rapid, flexible, innovative. As a system integrator, JASA offers innovative packaging solutions for potatoes, vegetables, and fruits. To package produce, flexibility is essential, and that is what our JASA packaging lines provide.

While designing packaging solutions, we carefully listen to our customer’s wishes. This pushed us to develop innovative solutions for weighing and packaging lines and plastic-free packaging for fresh produce like apples, pears, kiwis, and convenience products like salad bowls and snack-tomatoes. JASA is a recognized authority in the field of produce packaging; surely, we will find a brand-new and complete packaging solution for your products too.