Advanced electronic sorting technology was once reserved for only the largest cherry packers in the industry.  Multiscan Technologies set out to change this reality with several highly advanced cherry sorting solutions that match different production requirements and budgets.

i5 Series sorter/sizers – Robust, space efficient sorting technology that’s affordable!

The Multiscan i5 Series Basic, Standard and Plus model sorters are the first electronic 10+ exit, cherry sizer/sorters specifically designed and priced for small to medium sized cherry grower/packers.  The i5 Series sorters accurately sort fruit diameter, color, external defects and even softness. And unlike some competitive technologies that charge separately for each sorting module, all sorting modules are included in the i5 platform. Their ‘space friendly’ design is ideal for smaller packing areas and come in both wet flume and dry belt versions.

S50C pre-sorter – An aggressive pre-sorting step for boosting defect removal on any cherry line

With it’s extremely space efficient design, the Multiscan S50C pre-sorter is a productive addition to any cherry line.   It removes up to 60% of your unwanted fruit at the beginning of your line, dramatically increasing productivity and lowering labor costs.   When combined with an i5 sorter/sizer this resulting ‘2-pass’ sorting strategy makes sure that most defects will be scanned, and removed.

At less than half the cost of competitive solutions, Multiscan sorters are an affordable option for cherry packers that want the consistently sized and visually appealing packs that electronic sorting can deliver, but at an investment level that makes sense.